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T2MR and T2Candida: Novel Technology for the Rapid Diagnosis of Candidemia and Invasive Candidiasis 

Candidemia and other forms of invasive candidiasis pose a significant diagnostic challenge. In order to provide the best treatment, it is important to accurately detect the fungal infection and identify the species. The T2Candida Panel has introduced a new class of infectious disease diagnostics that can rapidly detect and identify the causative pathogen of sepsis directly from a patient blood sample in a culture-independent manner. In this paper authors review the preclinical and clinical data that have been compiled from studies of the T2Candida Panel for the detection of Candida species directly from whole blood samples. Further, the paper examines the application of the T2Candida Panel to Invasive Candidiasis. The economic and clinical impact of T2Candida and its potential role in antifungal stewardship is also discussed.